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Busy Hands Hats

Don’t Just Wear A Hat – Make A Statement

Busy Hands Hats is committed to providing not just a headcover, but an expression of who you are, a snapshot of your personality! Express yourself with one-of-a-kind Busy Hands Hats and Headwraps! You will turn heads!!

Hats and Headwraps


Don’t just wear a hat

Make a statement

You are special

You should feel special

Our Products

Busy Hands Hats and Headwraps are unique, one-of-a-kind pieces of wearable art. No two hats or headwraps are ever the same.

quote - Busy Hands Hats

I don’t care where it is or what’s going on when I wear my BHH I know I’m going to get compliments.

– Kelly G

Yes, it’s true, a BHH makes you feel gooder!!!

– my granddaughter

It’s so creative and innovative. I’m so proud to wear mine

– Margarite K

Why Busy Hands Hats

When you wear a Busy Hands Hat creation you feel special because you are.

Your face says how you feel…your BHH says who you are.

It’s so much fun to create things that make people feel good.

A BHH is not just an accessory, it’s the main attraction


Our Approach



We conceptualize the perfect one-of-a-kind hat with a certain “flare” in mind.


Material Collection

Once the conceptualization is done we gather all the necessary materials.


Product Modifications

After the basic creations of the hat is complete we begin adding unique features to every hat. 

A young girl wearing a helmet